CEO & Founder Tarek Khwiss worked with an exciting Artist from Dubai on a fantastic, artistic Music Video. It was an absolute honour for Gawz to be part of history in the U.A.E Entertainment world.

Martin Almasri is a Dubai based singer with a passion and innovative drive to make a stand! The collaboration was just perfect because Gawz positively disrupts and connects the world through dance.  

Martin Almasri found Gawz on social media and what caught his attention was the fact that we are different, unique, energetic & bold. Being the first male singer in the Arab Emirates to dance in his music video already breaks society norms, allowing a new era in Arab entertainment to be born.

We are delighted to be part of history but also connecting the world through dance is our ethos. Dance has never been part of Martin’s life but he was up for the challenge. Pushing his craft and abilities truly making him a great artist.

Martin’s Song “Noor Anaya” (Available on Itunes) will break boundaries in Dubai and Gawz is very excited to see the final edit. I hope you are too!

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~ The Gawz Team
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