Gawz had the absolute pleasure of working with global denim wear brand Levi's on their new "Circles" commercial and couldn't be more proud to have our talented dancers featured! And what a fantastic client!

As quoted by Levi's:

"Circles" celebrates our individuality and connectedness through music, dance, and Levi’s®. When we come together, we dance in circles. We move as one, and celebrate the individual who takes the center. Unity and individuality come alive.

We look forward to continue working with Levi's more in the future!

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#Gawz worked with Levi's recently on their "Circles" commercial.

Our partnership with Levi's is a match made in heaven. Their positive messages completely complements, and is synonymous, with what Gawz stands for. Gawz itself began as a movement to create, inspire and connect people all over the world through dance no matter who they are or where they come from. Considering we are London's newest and alternative dance company and community, this news for us marks a key milestone in our journey and we hope that you can be part of this journey with us, either by attending Tarek Khwiss, our CEO & Founder's classes at 4pm every Sunday at Studio68 London, or, following us on our various social channels and liking, sharing (and/or commenting on) our content. We are eternally grateful for everyone who supports us and will continue to create and spread positive vibes in everything we do.

Lastly if anyone is looking for dancers for commercials, events etc please get in touch with Tarek Khwiss, CEO & Founder, Gawz via email: - he is your contact for all new business opportunities and also if you're a dancer interested in working with Gawz please submit your dance CV and professional shots to him.

For press, media & content opportunities only please email Louise Quan, Director of Marketing: 

Until next time!
~ The Gawz Team

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