Still on a dance high from the recent DGC Dance show as guest performers, Gawz is delighted to share the on-stage video of our Beyonce medley and would like to thank DGC and everyone involved for the opportunity.

Gawz Dance Agency performed a Beyonce medley recently at the DGC Dance Show


DGC Dance run weekly classes and host their show twice a year and are London’s adult community of passionate people who celebrate Korean Pop music (or K-Pop as it is better known as). Their show is mostly K-Pop acts but welcome other acts too to showcase their talent and give them a platform to be seen.

The K-Pop wave has quickly spread from East to West in recent years and with its numerous girl bands such as BlackPink and Twice, and boy bands such as BTS and BigBang, their obligatory dance routines continue to become iconic, sparking a culture in which K-Pop enthusiasts are encouraged to learn and cover their choreography in a welcoming environment where dance is accessible for all.

Enveloped in this collaboration was a clear and positive message of empowerment, of positivity and of support which is exactly what Gawz stands for.

Of course this opportunity could not have been made possible without the dedication of our talented Gawz dancers who we would like to extend a warm thanks to.

Our talented Gawz dancers posing backstage at the DGC Dance Show 11!

Our talented Gawz dancers posing backstage at the DGC Dance Show 11!

Check out our Gawz dancers on our talent page and if you have any questions, feel free to get in touch.

To find out more about DGC Dance visit their website and check out their hashtag #DGCDANCEUK.

The #Gawz Team