What better way for Gawz Dance Agency to enter the New Year than with a magazine interview? Not just any magazine though but L’ART Magazine, a UK based publication which specialises in the arts, bringing the latest on topical news across fashion, music, entertainment and of course the performing arts- you name it, L’ART Magazine’s got it.

Gawz Dance Agency’s CEO and Founder, Tarek Khwiss was interviewed recently about his dance career, dance style, choreography and classes as well as his aspirations for this year, in particular with his very own exciting up-and-coming dance agency “Gawz” - the brand and movement of which has been established since 2013 and is now being propelled to another level.

In the interview Tarek talks L’ART Magazine through his journey to empower and unite people through dance, underpinned by a shared sense of community, which led to Gawz emerging as a dance agency.

When asked about Gawz as a dance agency, Tarek cites how Gawz is “energetic, sassy and bold” and looking to “break the mold of how the industry is today”.

Read the full interview on L’ART Magazine

If you have any questions or would like to find out more about Gawz Dance Agency, please email CEO and Founder, Tarek Khwiss: tarek@gawz.co.uk.

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