Founded in 2013, “Gawz” is more than just a dance movement - created to inspire, encourage and empower people to reach their goals and pursue their calling in life.

Through a fast accelerating network, the embodiment of "GawzClappin" quickly gained momentum around the world, making "Gawz" active in Europe, the USA, China and Canada. 

Today, Gawz is a dance agency with special acts, instructors and dancers trained in a variety of styles such as street dance, commercial dance, hip-hop, jazz and contemporary to name a few. 

What makes us different is our approach: innovating creativity through dance and bringing about positive change in the industry with our diverse dancers.

Our mission? To inspire a network of dancers all over the world by continuing to grow our global movement and be one of the world’s leading dance entertainment agencies in what we do and the positive messages we send - of empowering and uniting people through dance.

About the Founder

Tarek Khwiss, CEO and Founder of Gawz, is a dancer, choreographer, instructor and model with a vision to innovate and unite people meaningfully through dance. His credits include major brands such as Hunter LTMSky Atlantic for “Kevin Bacon”, VodafoneSpotifyNick Helms “Uncle”, Rihanna’s perfume launch for SuperdrugDanone, and Stedman Pearson.

Tarek Khwiss-Hype coiffure hair show

His creation of dance brand Gawz, a company and movement to unite everyone through creative arts and self empowerment, grew organically from his own experience and background in the industry. Tarek’s influence for dance took off at the age of 15 ever since the introduction of MTV triggered his discovery of hip-hop artist Missy Elliott and the visionary production that accompanied her work. 

Guided by choreographer Rose Chu (Greenhouse Dance), Tarek’s journey soon began and so did his education on the history of hip-hop as well as the West End stage. An audition to study at London’s Lewisham College at the age of 17 resulted in two years of intense training in ballet, contemporary and jazz.

Consistently training in his spare time at Pineapple Dance Studios presented him with the opportunity to audition and be part of "Interlude Dance" (2010-2011) and "Masters Of Movement" (2011-2013). 

With a passion to grow, connect and give back to the dance community, Tarek has taught not only at the world renowned Pineapple Dance Studios and Studio 68 London but has also led workshops in Washington DC, Italy, Amsterdam, Austria and New York City. His training, teaching and performance opportunities also extends to Los Angeles and Barcelona. 

Alongside teaching commercial dance at KCL (King’s College London) & UCL (University College London), he also runs a regular weekly class at Studio 68 London. 

Follow Tarek on Instagram @tarek_k  #Gawz 

~ Gawz. Empowered by dance.

Dance credits include: